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High Costs of

Stress, Anxiety, Sadness, and Overwhelm

Learn these Essential Skills

for Emotional Strength,

Confidence, and Success!

The tools that anxiety, stress, sadness and overwhelm use against us are our “uncomfortable” and “problem” emotions. Learning to make our emotions our allies, instead of our enemies, is a must have set of self care skills.

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My Story:

I was an addict who was "clean", but not "serene"

While I made progress in "getting clean" from using alcohol and other drugs, I came to a point where it occurred to me that there must be something more than "just not using". Recovery for me had to give me something more meaningful.

I realised that the place where I struggled, and the thing that "drove" me, was and always had been the pain of isolation, loneliness, and confusion about my "uncomfortable" and "difficult" emotions. I seemed filled to overflowing with depression, despair, anxiety, insecurity, and sadness. When I described to the Dr. what I was feeling, he told me it was normal... of course, that didn't help!

I rarely felt like "I fit" - I even described myself as an alien who got put here by some weird accident. I knew "how to play the game" of social interactions - but I just didn't want to play. It didn't make sense to me. 

Deep down inside myself, I felt frustrated. I achieved some recovery, but still rode a crazy making emotional roller coaster, without any confidence that I could ever really make sense of my emotional experience - and the world.

My Journey...

...has been to find, create, and then share the "how-to" of reliably creating true freedom, confidence and emotional strength. I looked at - and experimented with - many different forms of therapy, self-help, and tools for self-improvement. I knew that whatever I found had to be something that was more than "just my opinion". 

The solution had to be proven

For me to present something "to the world" as a solution, it had to be proven in the lives of both myself AND other people to really work. It had to be easily “doable”, and not just endless or fancy faddish theory or geek-speak. It had to work for almost anyone. Thus, it had to be based on solidly proven practices and principles.

Now, it's your turn!

I’ve taught major pieces of this system to graduate students, 

teachers, business leaders, office personnel, managers, nurses, yoga teachers, writers, actors, marketers, executives, politicians, all kinds of every-day folks. I’ve used it in my clinical practice and in working with my own family members.

It’s not about a specific outer "population demographic" according to age, gender, economic situation, or lifestyle circumstance. The unifying principle is that all of these people were searching for the answer to how to come out of self-sabotage, imposter syndrome, low self-confidence, anxiety, worry, insecurity, and... essentially, how to come out of emotional suffering. Not just to come out of that suffering, but how to live more confident, satisfying, and positively fulfilling lives.

My goal is to "turn you on" to the coolest stuff!

That's right! This is pretty awesome, cool, and even FUN!

If you're anything like how I was, then I want to help you solve your biggest problems. I want to help you remove the largest blockages to achieving progress in your personal and professional life. When you do these practices and apply these principles, you’ll be able to handle - with confidence - the big challenges that life is guaranteed to present you with. As you do this, you'll move forward in living free from even the hint of being controlled by the negative forces of emotions - and you'll be able to transform those "negative" and "uncomfortable" emotions into your reliable allies!

We will ALWAYS be confronted with emotional challenges in our lives. It's time to learn how to deal with them confidently, isn't it?

The Fierce Self Care Course and Coaching Program

Fierce Self Care is about how to live emotionally "mature and confident", as your own fully and fiercely engaged best friend. Imagine how you'll feel knowing how to use your emotional world and experiences as reliable servants in claiming happiness and satisfaction for yourself – and empowering yourself as a leader in the lives of anyone you connect with.

"Emotional Balance" is one of those buzz words that sounds simple to say, yet I find the people who say it cannot tell me how they do it. With the skills and tools I've put in this course, you'll be well on your way to being able to claim your own dynamic emotional balance at will!

The Process Consists of learning: 

- how to identify our emotional and thinking patterns,

- how to recognize our particular distortion patterns 

- learning how to auto-correct those distortions with ease

- how to do emotional self-cleansing, strengthening, and transformation

- how to shift our self-talk out of "I'm my own worst enemy" to "I'm AWESOME as my own BEST FRIEND!"

Just Imagine...

Imagine being free of feeling enslaved by your emotions - the insecurities of worry or anxiety; the biting presence of frustration and anger; or the darkness and despair of chronic sadness and hopelessness.

Imagine deflecting the negativity of clients, friends, family, co-workers, and acquaintances. 

Imagine being confident in the face of triggers by insensitive relatives, work mates, or social contacts - or ANY trigger!

Imagine living free from worry about emotional excesses, and actually enjoying more and more of your day! 

Imagine holding your head up high, and confidently claiming your power in any situation.

Imagine knowing and feeling peace and serenity - whenever you want!

What Do You Get Inside the 

Fierce Self Care 1 to 1 Training and Coaching Course ?

# 1

8 Weeks of Core Training

Detailed text, audios, videos, and .pdf's to guide your progress in developing your Fierce Self Advocacy skills, including:

- The combination of modern Neuroscience and traditional Qigong Skills in The T.A.I. Empowerment ProcessTM 

- The 5 Elemental Process Map

- 5 Element ScriptingTMhow to improve your self-talk and create success with others

# 2

5 "Coffee Break Qigong" Sets

Five Qigong "Sets" (each can be done in as little as 10 minutes, or extended for your enjoyment) for you to do almost anywhere or any time, for emotional clarity, strength, and power.

# 3

Weekly One-to-One Q & A and Coaching Sessions

Each week there is a one-to-one Q&A and Coaching session. We will meet via phone or web  video. The audio of that session will be uploaded to a private link within 24 hours of the call (usually much sooner), and available for download on an ongoing basis.

# 4

Email and Video Email Support

Some questions asked through email are easily answered by a written email, some are better answered with a short video. I offer both, to serve you more completely.

# 5

Customized strategy for dealing with "Your Usual Suspects"

Whether we experience a single, particular emotional extreme (such as anxiety, anger, sadness, worry, or anything else), or you have a "collection" of discomforting emotions that show up repeatedly, Zander will devise and suggest custom, personalized strategies for you to experiment with as an addition to your toolbox of skills.

# 6

Laser Coaching Sessions

These are brief (up to 15 minute) and very focused private coaching sessions. They most often target one situation. You can make an appointment online (same day appointments are possible) when you need help "right now", in between our main weekly sessions. You can receive a recording link for your call, if you want.

You can have as many of these calls during the course as needed, provided you complete the action you agreed to take on your last laser session before booking another one.

# 7

4 more months of Applied Coaching Sessions 

For months 3 through 6, we continue doing our weekly and laser coaching sessions, to help you more deeply establish your practice and to apply the principles you started learning in the first 8 weeks in "real life" situations.

What STUDENTS say...

I came into this course with a mixture of curiosity and desperation.

There's only so long that one can struggle alone before you have to find another way. The concepts and techniques Zander introduces here are deceptively simple, but profoundly valuable. The coaching calls feel like discussing things with a trusted friend. Zander is understanding and responsive, and willing to keep you on track when necessary. Put simply, he's just as invested in your well being as you are. 

In the past, I never spoke about what was bothering me, while desperately hoping someone would ask the right question so I COULD. As I progressed through the course, I could feel myself loosening up, able to release tensions (both mental and physical) that I barely knew were there.

We live in a world of "easy-fixes" and "lose 1700 pounds in eight minutes by blinking!" or other such silliness, so any skepticism is entirely understandable. However, I can speak to the fact that this works.

With Zander's guidance, the techniques helped me not only release stresses and blockages that affected every area of my life, but also helped me understand what caused them in the first place.

When you travel down this road, be prepared to lose some "weight:" mental burdens, psychological stress, and physical tension for a start.

This is not a quick fix; it's a way of being that can be adapted anywhere by anyone. Combined with Zander's gentle but firm guidance, I'd say it's essential in today's world.

Mackenzie Clench

Zander has given me a new lease on life.

One short year ago, I was emotionally despairing, in constant pain; chaos reigned both internally and externally. I had such complex health and mental health issues that other professionals had given up. Though I had made many heroic efforts over fifteen years, I had finally arrived at the sad conclusion that nothing worthwhile in life was attainable—for me.

From our first meeting, Zander offered me validation and tools. He encouraged me to believe that there was a way out of the misery. He never gave up on me, even when I gave up on myself. Patiently, consistently, and generously, Zander worked with me in beginning a healing journey which I didn't yet quite believe was possible.

With gentle skill, Zander was able to be flexible as I rapidly changed tracks, which was often at first. I became able to laugh about what a slippery, reluctant, albeit hungry, student I was — Zander never judged, only guided me back to my highest self.  

Zander taught me daily practices which have changed my life for the better and which increasingly serve me. 

It occurred to me that, one year ago, even six months ago, I would not have been able to even compose this testimonial because my brain and body were too scattered and far far away from any centre. I thank you and all the other angels involved...

Today, I am functioning

(almost unbelievably) well,

enjoying life, pain free. 

And I am sometimes even happy for no reason!


The methods Zander taught me help me to quiet my mind and realign my emotional state with my authentic self.

The combination of mindful breathing, physical movement and visualizations help me. They help me to clear away my emotional and mental clutter, bring me to a state of presence, and help me to re-establish a calm and solid emotional foundation. In that space, facing the challenges ahead are not as overwhelming. 

Perhaps the most beautiful thing about what I learned working with Zander is how quickly I can reach this place of strength, and how good it feels...

I continue to use the methods that I learned from Zander because they profoundly improve the quality of my life. I have faced some of the most difficult and challenging events with grace and power. I’ve been able to centre myself in storms of anxiety, fear and doubt.

Perhaps most importantly, I find that regular practice of the techniques I learned from Zander bring me joy and serenity.

I owe a debt of gratitude to Zander

and wholeheartedly recommend him and his course. 

Mike Salisbury

What makes this different than therapy?

This isn’t about digging into the depths of one or more of your past issues. Those past issues will continue to arise, even after decades of successful personal healing work.

This training - and coaching on how to apply the concepts and practices of the training - is about creating success in our lives NOW, and empowering ourselves to do that for the rest of our lives. The sooner you start using these tools, the stronger and better you will use them whenever you need them. This course is training you in knowing how to deal with those problems and pains, when they arise - and how to insulate yourself against them in the future.

Wouldn't it be great, instead of feeling ambushed, paralyzed, and imprisoned by those old familiar voices of self doubt and self hate, if you knew how to set yourself free whenever they arise? What if you knew how to transform those problem emotions into allies, and claim your freedom?

“This above all: to thine own self be true,

And it must follow, as the night the day,

Thou canst not then be false to any man”

William Shakespeare,  Hamlet, Act 1, Scene 3

This program is about developing the skills of knowing - and strengthening - your full self!

Module by Module

 Your Pathway with

Fierce Self Care

Module 1

Foundations - Setting Your Stage for Success

- Core concepts and practices for Emotional Cleansing... and Clearing the Crap!
- Overview: The 5 Elemental Processes Of Empowerment;

- The T.A.I. Process;

- Knowing Ourselves 1: Our Inner Relation-Scripts; 

- Coffee Break Qigong 1: "Centering Ourselves" 

Module 2

Empowering Ourselves

- Conversational Neuroscience: Elevating Our Interactions

- Enhancing Our Response-Abilities

- Experimenting And Exploring: Applying Creative Principles 

- Knowing Ourselves 2: All The Things We All Do

- Coffee Break Qigong 2 - "Eight Actions" and "Energetic Protection"

Module 3

Nourishing Our Relationships

- Experimenting And Exploring: The Play Principle

- Managing Inevitably Difficult Changes Successfully; 

- Strategies for Defeating Hijackers
- Knowing Ourselves 3: Leadership From Within

- Coffee Break Qigong 3: Extending Our Powerful Personal Presence - "Walking With Beauty";

Module 4

Broadening Our Influence

- Expanding Our Trust Circles

- Recruiting Our Hero's

- Experimenting And Exploring: Creative Restoration

- Knowing Ourselves 4: Deepening Resolve

- Coffee Break Qigong 4: "The Taoist Sun Salutation"

Module 5

Cycling Forward

- Embodying Your Deep Dream

- Knowing Ourselves: Counteracting the Forces of Fear

- The Surrender Paradox

- Maintaining and Empowering Your Ongoing Momentum

- Enhancing Your Emotional M.A.S.T.E.R.Y. Process

- Coffee Break Qigong 5: "Invisibility and Improvisation"

Please Note: The precise order, content and sequence of the topics listed above is subject to change

Additional Content may be added at any time

Special Bonus Value!

(available with the Premium Upgrade Purchase*)

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you'll choose one of these Bonuses*

Accelerated Self-Care Option  (worth $750):  Three One-on-One sessions with Zander, where you share about your blocks, struggles, and about the major goals, dreams, and desires you have. Then he creates and sends you specially personalized Hypnosis .mp3 audios, that you can use to reinforce your integration of the material, again and again...  

About Zander

His professional accomplishments and history include:

- 20 years of experience in Oriental Medicine, including being an Honours graduate in Acupuncture; Certified in Sports Medicine Acupuncture; and an Acupressure Practitioner and Senior Teacher;

- Certified Coach in Conversational IntelligenceTM (the neuroscience of conversations),

- and he holds a Masters Degree in Medical Qigong Therapy. 

He started working as an addictions counselor in 1990. His work developed in "Talk therapy" positions for most of the next 10 years. This included as a team member in a sex offender treatment program; running the counseling department of 7 funeral homes; crisis counselor; youth and family addictions counselor, and providing coaching, facilitation and training for executives, business owners and teams.

Before working in addictions, he was a circus teacher, juggler, fire eater, and actor. As a special events coordinator, he organized community events, concerts, and festivals.

"My passion is helping people

create more deliberately 

skillful and fulfilling lives"


In his "spare time", he does recreation by playing mandolin, bouzouki, and flute; going on and leading canoe trips; playing squash; singing, painting watercolour, and cartooning.

He can also be found herding electrons on the net, building his own site.

He has one daughter, and one step-daughter (both are married). He feels richly blessed  with a family he loves!

Student comments about Zander as an instructor and coach...

“I highly recommend Zander; he is truly one of the most genuine, caring and passionate practitioners and teachers that I’ve had the pleasure to work with..”

Jeffory Putman

“Working with Zander has been life changing!”

Svetlana T.

“I am always amazed at the clarity you seem to bring in such an easy way that I can relate to it!"

Julie Ferguson

“My overall health has improved, my relationships - both with myself and others - have improved, and I know that no matter what, I am not alone on this path.”

Kathleen G.

"He helps to bring me back in touch with myself. As a result, I have developed a healthier relationship with myself and the world."

Rebekah J.

"Zander really takes the time to work with his clients and really commits to them. While he is challenging, it is always for the better"

Nathan S.

Is the

Fierce Self Care Course

"right" for you?

This is a good fit" for you if...

  • You're tired of cycling back and forth between overwhelm and stress
  • You're a counselor, coach, entrepreneur or other helping professional, and still finding your emotions are distressful
  • You're willing to see how you participate in your own negative patterns - and to do the work to shift them to positive
  • You're willing to experiment with your awareness
  • You're willing to work daily to develop your self-care skills
  • You want to live free of fear of your emotions, and develop your confidence to a high level 

This course is NOT for you if...

  • You're not willing to work daily on your self-improvement
  • You're not willing to be honest about your  emotions
  • Your mind is closed to trying new ideas and practices 
  • You're unwilling to "own your part" in your behavior
  • You believe "you're just a mess" and that you just have to wait for emotional confidence and happiness "to happen to you"
  • You still want to do more research on your own... without a system or guidance

Give Yourself The Gift of Serenity Skills!

The Fierce Self Care Course



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...with Laser Sessions, Weekly 1 to 1 Coaching, 

& e-mail support
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The Fierce Self

Advocacy Course


8 Week Core Course 

...with Laser Sessions, Video, Text,

.pdf's, .mp3 meditations, 8 Weekly Teleseminars, 

Members Private Group,

& e-mail support
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Custom Personalized


(with recording) or

Two 30 Minute

Coaching Sessions 

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I work with a limited number of people at the same time in order to provide 

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Work with the course for up to 21 days!

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This includes access to all Course material, 1-to-1  sessions, any 1-to-1 Laser Coaching Sessions, videos, meditations, handouts, and email support. 

If you feel you don't benefit from this training and course material - at ANY time during the first three weeks / 21 days - you decide this course is just not for you - simply send an email and you'll receive a prompt, friendly and hassle-free refund.

You get FULL ACCESS to the first two weeks of the material - you get to try it out, and see how well it "fits" you - RISK FREE.

The best part of this is you don't have to make up your mind about Fierce Self Care now.

Enroll in the training and coaching now!

*(Bonus sessions are available after the first 21 days)

To be heard, I think, is a rare gift in life. Not simply listened to, but truly heard and considered.

Zander has shared this gift with me on many occasions, and it has always been given in good faith and with genuine caring. 

Often in our work together I’ve found myself uncertain as to what I’m trying to say, or of what’s truly bothering me. 

This is, I think, when Zander is at his best.

A blend of exacting questions and insightful metaphor pulls the issue into focus and what follows is always an opportunity to explore myself more deeply - safely and without fear of judgement.

His guidance has had a profound influence in my journey of self discovery, revealing to me, finally, the true potential I hold within.

Colby Marcellus


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