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The Biggest Key to Empowering Yourself? 

Develop Your Emotional Intelligence Skills

Our survival instincts always search for how to identify threats to our safety - and at a basic level, all changes represent potential threats. Within the first five seconds of any interaction, as part of our survival instincts, we register chains of perceptions, feelings, and associations, that then inform our decisions. These vital functions of threat assessment are imperative to our survival, and automatically develop as we add experiences during our lives.

Unfortunately, most of us have had to rely primarily on "automatic development" of these reactions to change. Thus, we learned the patterns of our parents, the school yard, and whatever we were lucky (or unfortunate enough) to pick up along the way. We didn't have any deliberate or systematic training in how to develop a more complete range of skills for our emotional intelligence.

Our skills for emotional intelligence were seen as so basic, we were expected to know how to use them well.

"Change is inevitable and constant.
Knowing how to choose change wisely
determines our Destiny and Legacy."

What if...

Your business, relationships, and life were EASIER?

What would it be like for you, to be FREE from any of the following "usual suspects" that plague even the most successful entrepreneurs, executives, and leaders?

  • - feeling inadequate: "I'm just not good enough"... despite your success?
  • - feeling anxious, on edge, and insecure?
  • - having chronic and repetitive worries and stiffness from emotional tensions?
  • - knowing you're sabotaging yourself, but not knowing how to stop?
  • - wondering when people are going to finally realize: You don't have it all figured out?

What if...

You were intuitively able to:

  • - Really feel at ease and comfortable with ALL of your emotions? 
  • - Move out of self-doubt, second-guessing yourself, and isolation, and into confidence, connection, and self-assurance?
  • - Truly relax, and release anxiety, insecurity, and accumulated emotional tension?
  • - Accurately interpret your incoming emotional signals, and skillfully transform them into vital positive action?
  • - Free yourself from repetitive and destructive resentment, remorse, guilt, frustration, anger and self-sabotage?
  • - Engage and partner with co-workers, colleagues, clients, and family members to shift emotional interactions and conversations for greater mutual success?

"Know yourself"

Such advice seems so simple...

But the question then becomes...

"HOW do I do THAT?"

This is the path of 

The Inner Journey 

of Developing Wisdom


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