Addiction Awareness:

Sessions for Organizations,

Businesses and Community Groups

Did you know...?

Almost 70% of people with any form of addiction / alcoholism are employed full or part time.

Alcoholism and Addictions of all kinds thrive

in isolation, secrecy, and shame.

There are other valid perspectives

and treatment options in addition to 

"The Medical Disease Model"

 that help people live free from addiction / alcoholism. 

It's time to Break that Silence 

- and Stigma -

for the good of everyone!

Zander Townend of Body Wisdom Vitality Strategies

is pleased to offer you and your organization, business, or community group the opportunity to engage in customised 45 - 90 minute "Lunch and Learn" Facilitated Discussions on the topic:

“Breaking the Silence and Stigma

Surrounding Addiction Issues

in the Family, Community and Workplace."

Authentic conversations are at the core of creating change! 

Teams often talk about the "surface stuff" without having authentic and supportive conversations.

Having a facilitated discussion helps create a space for psychological safety and inclusion. This helps to break isolation - the kind of isolation that leads to the destructive effects of stress. These effects include reduced profitability, productivity and compromised immune systems and overall health.

Planning for the specific focus of facilitated discussions is collaborative. We work with Human Resource and Employee Assistance professionals, Business Owners, Executive Directors and Community Leaders to customise one or a series of sessions to the needs of your group, to create the greatest possible positive benefits.

If you want to find out more about how a facilitated discussion on Addiction Awareness can be beneficial for YOUR organization or group, please reach out by sending an email to Zander(insert the "@" sign)

Zander Townend

Professional Recovery Coach &

Addiction Awareness Facilitator

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