Phase 2 Emotional Mastery Foundations

3 Lessons
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Welcome to Phase 2!

Your commitment to practice a form for 100 consecutive days is big. The results of following through with this kind of commitment are both subtle and significant. 

These subtle changes occur bit-by-bit over a period of time. We're able to affirm them for ourselves through the use of our daily record. The significant changes are brought into focus as we examine "where we are" over each full season, and through reviewing how we've met and engaged with the challenges we encounter - and create - along the way.


I've designed this Phase to support the ongoing accomplishment of your resolution.

My own experience has proven that, for me, I  do better with a sense of community. By sharing what I notice about the changes in the landscape as I progress on a journey, I increase their relevance to me as I make progress. Having some specific tasks to magnify the learning and "keep me on track" has given me a sense of continuity - and kept me motivated. 

As I mentioned in Week 6 "Practice Makes Progress",