Emotional Mastery Experiments and Explorations

25 Lessons
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This is a collection of experiments with and explorations for improving our emotional life. This course builds on the concepts, principles and practices of The Emotional Mastery Foundations Program

There are currently 25 lessons listed, with more to be added. This special course is meant to take 15 weeks, to cover the 100 Days of Implementation that occur during Phase 2 of the above program. 

Preview them whenever you want

All of the lessons are available from the very start of the course, so you can preview them at your leisure and convenience - and choose which ones you want to do, in the order you want to do them. Then, any which you haven't done by the end of the 15 weeks... well, they become bonus material for your ongoing work!

I do make recommendations at the start of each lesson, as to which other experiments could "go well" with the one you're looking at. You're also most welcome to repeat an exercise, combine them, or mix and match in whatever way appeals to you!

Each "lesson" is one experiment

Each lesson is one experiment or exploration. My idea in creating each of these is that they are "set" to take one week of work. This week is for you to focus on exploring what they are about, as you first make an acquaintance with their ideas and concepts. You're certainly welcome to take as short or as long a time as you like, with any of them. I believe that at least a week is helpful to get value from each of them. They're like a pair of shoes - they take a little "breaking in" for us to get comfortable with them. 

First Things First!


Look at the lesson "Emotional Experiments Overview" FIRST!