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I experienced a quick and powerful shift from overwhelm to empowerment and excitement”

Executive, M.B.A.

"Often in our work together I’ve found myself uncertain as to what I’m trying to say, or of what’s truly bothering me.

This is, I think, when Zander is at his best. A blend of exacting questions and insightful metaphor pulls the issue into focus and what follows is always an opportunity to explore myself more deeply - safely and without fear of judgement."

Executive Director, Non-profit association


“His capacity to listen, guide, and inspire, drawing from his own personal experiences and skill, kept our meetings full of vitality, even when I was skeptical and challenging at times.”

National Sales Director, IT Company

“There's only so long that one can struggle alone before you have to find another way. The concepts and techniques Zander introduces are deceptively simple, but profoundly valuable. The coaching calls feel like discussing things with a trusted friend.”

Public relations / promotions professional

Public Relations / Promotion Professional

There are a variety of ways 
I work with clients, depending 
on their needs and goals...

To know what the best options are for moving forward at any time, 

I offer a free, no obligation "Chemistry, Insight and Strategy Session"

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