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The following is a list of my usual rates for bodywork services

(acupuncture, acupressure, Medical Qi Gong, Laser therapy, Tuina, etc.)


At this time, I am only able to conduct sessions as a mobile service, i.e. I come to your place.

Please include your house number / address in the "Notes" section when you book our time together.


Pricing updated April 4th 2019.


30 Minute Assessment / phone Consultation: Free

90 Minute / First Appointment:                                 $ 125

60 Minute Regular Appointment:                           $ 100


30 Minute Assessment / phone Consultation: Free

90 Minute / First Appointment:                                  $ 115

60 Minute Regular Appointment:                           $ 90

*Prices are quoted as a total, as they include any tax



Receive your first appointment (90 minutes) for the

same fee as a Regular 60 minute appointment.

To know that there is a gentle and kind way to feel my feelings and let go of the physical pain that I hold as a result of those feelings is truly a gift.

Acupressure is the closest thing to magic I have seen in bodywork, and Zander is truly a magician. 

Deb McKeown
The Massage Lady

I have been a client of Zander Townend for almost 5 years.

I appreciate Zander's compassion and ability to listen, his depth of experience, his sense of humour, and his wide range of helpful tools (Acupressure, Tuina massage, Medical Qi Gong, Acupuncture, Coaching, Counseling, etc.) that I can access as required during my sessions with him.

Like a modern-day shaman, Zander uses his skills to restore balance in me on all levels – physical, mental, and emotional. I feel more grounded, happy and whole after my sessions with him.

He helps to bring me back in touch with myself, providing a regular “reality check” for me within the whirling chaos of day-to-day life. As a result, I have developed a healthier relationship with myself and the world. I have referred Zender to many family members and friends who also benefited from his services. I highly recommend to anyone who is searching for body-mind healing or support – take the opportunity to have a session (or ten!) with Zander Townend.

Rebekah Jamieson

Important note for new clients:

During your assessment, we'll talk about what you would like to happen during and as a result of the session. This includes what kind(s) of treatment will be used, what possible side effects you may experience, how many sessions may be suggested to achieve your desired result, and any questions you may have.

For a description of the different types of bodywork treatment I offer, please CLICK HERE.

My goal is for you to be a happy, satisfied client, who will refer your family, friends, and colleagues, so you will gladly come back for another session - when you need it!

If you’d asked me a few years back whether I’d ever seek out a life coach, I’d have spluttered something like, "Been doing it fifty odd years, I think I’ve got this, thanks." And that was the biggest obstacle to getting Zander’s coaching help. I believed life couldn’t be better than it was, even though it was mighty uncomfortable. It took a lot of stress and physical pain for me to wise-up and admit that I’d like some guidance.

I was pretty stubborn in my pain and misery, but Zander was able to provide both information about, and a structure to, his coaching. After learning some about medical qigong, I realized Zander’s advice, grounded as it is in medical qigong, was founded on a body of knowledge and insight acquired over thousands of years of meditation and experimentation. That solid underpinning, paired with his other experiences and his compassionate manner, persuaded me to try out some of his advice.

As a result of having Zander as my coach, I made a new relationship with schedules and time. Living with a flexible schedule allowed me to fit into my day more of what made me feel satisfied, happy and even proud. And with the development of feeling happy and satisfied, I began to see my life more clearly and hopefully. I don’t always get it right, but I know that if I reach out when I’m struggling, Zander will support my best interests with compassion.

Zander has made me laugh when I’m in the depths of misery. That laughter clears the heavy woes and lets me look ahead again. I think the laughter is what I’ve enjoyed the most.

Zander has encouraged me in the creation of a new business, providing me with a knowledgeable sounding board for new ideas. He is also an enthusiastic partner in expanding those ideas.
Whenever it’s been necessary, he’s provided gentle, energizing nudges to urge me onward.
The most surprising thing Zander has taught me is to protect and nurture myself like a delicate flower, cared for with time, patience and loving attention.

I’d recommend Zander’s coaching to anyone looking for a more fulfilling and sweeter life, no matter what their goals. 

Jan Wristen
Teacher / Entrepreneur



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