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Coaching Session is set!

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Your Laser Coaching Session is Set!

I've sent you a confirmation email for the time and date of our call...

Please make sure you enter it into your calendar.

If you're in North America and we're meeting on the phone, I'll call you at our scheduled time at the number you provided when you booked the call.

If you're not in North America, please join me in my Zoom room (see the "Meeting Details" section of this page).

How can you get the most from our session?

Make sure there are minimal or no distractions. (I know, I know... it seems so obvious...)

If we're meeting via Zoom (see "Meeting Details"), you can turn off the ringer on your phone, put it face down, and if there are children or co-workers, ask that you be allowed to concentrate on our meeting.

Meeting details

We'll meet at the time you reserved.

If you want to meet via online audio or video, here is the Zoom link for our call: 
Zoom With Zander

(click here for international phone #'s)

If you have any problems gaining access to the Zoom room, please call or text me.

If you need to cancel or reschedule, you've been sent an email 
with a link for how to do that.
I'll also send you reminders for the session.

If there is anything you'd like to let me know before we meet, please send me an email, here:



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