Oriental Medicine Equipment & Books for Sale October 2017

I have both Equipment and Books for sale, as detailed below.

First, there are 2 pieces of equipment, and the details on the books is below the listing for the equipment.

Equipment for Sale

I have the following two pieces of equipment for sale:

1) A Point-O-Select Digital DT (as pictured) for sale.

Originally purchased when I was studying auricular acupuncture, I used this for the classes and occasionally since then, as I “replaced” it with a hand-held laser (which is also available for sale, below) for auricular applications and stopped using it. I don’t have a need or use for it as I’m not seeing clients for this kind of work.

What is it?

  • An advanced auricular and body point detector and stimulator
  • It makes detection easy and will distinguish between gold and silver points on the ear
  • Measurement sensitivity can be regulates automatically or manually, and is indicated by a visual and/or acoustin signal
  • Frequency range can be selected according to Dr. Nogier or Dr. Bahr treatment protocol or manual selection

 A full description of the technical specifications can be found at the Eastern Currents website, here: https://www.easterncurrents.ca/ProductDetail/E300_Pointoselect-Digital-Dt

I’ve kept good care of the unit, and I’m confident it is in “as new” condition (while being slightly used)

Retail price in Canada is usually $625.00, plus tax and shipping.

I’m selling this at $450, no tax, and happy to deliver it to someone local, or ship it at your cost.

Please contact me at 905-683-6489, or send an email to:

info(insert the “@” sign)bodywisdom.ca,

… with “Point Finder” as the subject line.

Point-O-Select Digital DT Point Finder and Stimulator

Point-O-Select Digital DT Point Finder and Stimulator

2) The Handy-Laser Trion

A gently used, hand-held laser that is ideal for auricular acu-laser treatment.

This is the description from RJ Laser (https://www.rj-laser.com/handylaser_trion_laser_therapy.htm):

The Handylaser trion is the ideal mini laser, streamlined and handy. It offers extensive functions and high performance. The right laser for everyone who wants powerful therapy in a small package – without having to forego point measurement.

It already is programmed with all important frequencies:

  • 7 Nogier + 7 Bahr frequencies
  • Continuous beam
  • Automatic energy timer (40 sec./2 J)
  • Acoustic 5-second counter

There’s more information and photos at the RJ Laser website (see above)…

There, they say “It fits into every jacket pocket, always…”

I *NEVER* put it in my pocket. After all, I paid a LOT of money for it, and carrying it in my pocket would have meant it could be susceptible to me bashing it and it needing repairs. I *ALWAYS* kept it in the case, safe from accidental damage.

I bought this because it was an ideal solution from the standpoint of price (for a laser), function, portability, ease-of-use, and “friendliness” of the device for auricular medicine.  I paid $3,800 plus 13{02f36a22de9a1e652018ac8df6b4d30b74f178f498523df758e37ef4bdff065b} tax = $4,294, in December of 2011. I used this primarily for Smoking Cessation treatments and for the occasional client who was needle phobic.

If you’re interested, the unit is for sale at $2,900, no tax, and any shipping would be additional. Please email me, at:  info(insert the “@” sign)bodywisdom.ca, with “Laser Purchase Inquiry” in the subject line.

 The following is the most-current list of Oriental Medicine Books I have for sale at this time, updated as of OCTOBER 2nd, 2017

To reduce frustration on the part of those who are interested, I update this list on a regular / frequent basis, according to what books get sold, so that you can have the most current version.

Each update is dated, which will hopefully make this all easier and clearer!

(You can see the date and time of each version of this list at the top of each page of the list).

Click anywhere on THIS LINE to open a .pdf with the most current list of books.

IF you want to buy any of these books, please send me an email with your choices: info(insert the “@” sign)bodywisdom.ca

A little background “about me” and why these books and equipment are for sale:

​I started studying and practicing acupressure in 1999, and then became a teacher in 2002. In 2006, my partner became sick with cancer, which prompted me to enroll in a 3 year acupuncture program at The Shiatsu School of Canada. I also enrolled in Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson’s 3 year Masters of Medical Qigong program, and completed both programs in 2009.

I opened and operated a clinic, while continuing studying with excellent teachers:

  • Japanese Acupuncture with Kiiko Matsumoto;
  • Sports Medicine Acupuncture with Matt Callison;
  • Esoteric Acupuncture with Mikio Sankey;
  • Korean Hand Therapy with Dan Lobash;
  • Laser therapy, and Auricular Acupuncture.

When it came time to write the certification exams for my R.Ac. designation, I passed the jurisprudence and Safety exams easily. The first main theory exam I tried twice and failed both times​ – hence my status with the College was “Revoked” in January of 2015, and I ceased practicing (of course!). I’ve decided to not attempt the exams again.

I love our medicine – for I believe this is truly a people’s medicine. I had the privilege of practicing for 5+ years, and I’m grateful for my teachers, clients, and students, for all the gifts of learning​ I’ve experienced.

In summary: I’m a nerd who loves learning and practicing this medicine.

Being the nerd I am, I collected many books. I’ve gone through my library, and I’ve decided to sell the books listed here since they are not what I currently use or foresee using. I trust that ​there are other practitioners and students who will benefit from these, as I have.