Qigong and Tai Chi 

Emphasis is placed on both analytical/deductive and intuitive approaches. Students comprehend and utilize Medical Qigong Therapy for cultivation, regulation and clinical application. The experiential aspect of the course is well balanced with a solid theoretical foundation.

(Wei Qi) and the techniques … Continue reading →

MQP 3: Clinical Foundations of Medical Qigong Therapy

Upcoming Classes:

  • March 21st to 25th, 2019 Ajax, Ontario

This third course is designed to offer the student an overview of a number of the major principles and foundation structures that govern Traditional Chinese Medical Qigong.

Other topics covered include: Three levels of Ancient Daoist Mysticism; Four Functional Properties of Energy Materializing … Continue reading →

MQP 4: The Supportive Treatment of Organ Diseases, and Medical Qigong Prescription Exercises

Upcoming Classes:

  • May 16th to 20th, 2019 Ajax, Ontario

This fourth course offers the student a further overview of major principles and foundation structures that govern Traditional Chinese Medical Qigong. This course is designed to introduce students to the advanced theories and clinical modalities of Internal Organ treatment, as … Continue reading →

Medical Qigong: Clinical Theatre, Internship, and Final Examination

Upcoming Classes:

  • July 13th to 15th, 2018 Ajax, Ontario

This seminar will be the culminating event for each of the certification programs (MQP, MQT, and MMQ). Beyond the theoretical and practical exams, it offers the student exposure and first hand experience of Medical Qigong assessment and supportive treatments. The … Continue reading →

Clinical Externship

In the clinical internship, the academic and theoretical knowledge gained in the Medical Qigong courses gets put into practical application. The objective is for the student to become confident in assessing and offering supportive treatment for clients, as well as creating and maintaining accurate clinical records.

After completing “Introduction to Assessment and Supportive Treatments” (Course 2), the student should begin to offer supportive treatment to clients and gain clinical experience.

As the student gains experience and attends more advanced courses their knowledge and abilities will increase, as will their abilities to assess and offer supportive treatment to more challenging cases.

The student is expected to keep complete histories on clients, which include client histories, treatments, and prescription exercises.

Prior to completing their Medical Qigong Practitioner level certification, the student must provide:

  • copies of their clinic log (verifying their clinic practice hours),
  • a sample of patient histories,
  • and case studies (samples will be provided for the student to use as reference).

Registration and Fees

  • Class enrollment is limited. 
  • PROGRAM DEPOSIT: A $350 non-refundable deposit will ensure your place in the Medical Qigong Practitioner Certification Program. Deposits will be held until the first day of the final course in the program, when the balance for that class is due. 
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    Seminar Fees: Fees for each seminar within a program are due 2 weeks prior to the start of the seminar (unless other arrangements are made with the instructor).
  • The fee per seminar is $800. (Canadian funds) when you enroll in a Full Program. (The same course of study in California costs $1800 US per session, so this is a great opportunity at a reasonable price.)
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    Required Textbooks:  "Chinese Medical Qigong Therapy: A Comprehensive Clinical Text" by Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson is a 5 Volume series of textbooks that cost $80 (US) each. The books are available through this link for The International Institute of Medical Qigong Publishing House
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    If you would like to attend the Medical Qigong Practitioner #1 seminar only, the fee for that class is $900. 

 Upon receipt of your deposit, all of the information for ordering the course manuals and recommended reading assignments will be forwarded to you.

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