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Zander Townend and Associates

Coaching, Training, & Bodywork

I occasionally refer clients to other providers who I have a great deal of confidence in for their high-quality work, and for the appropriateness of the "fit" between client and provider.

Zander is proud to be a member of the Family Addiction Counselling and Therapy team (


  • - Executive and Leadership Coaching 
  • - Advanced Communication Skills Training (including use of Conversational Intelligence®)
  • - Engaging and Mobilizing Leaders and Teams

  • Body Wisdom Acupressure, Medical Qi Gong Therapy, 
  • Laser, Hypnosis, Counselling, and Recovery Coaching:
  • - Body Wisdom Acupressure© - for deep relaxation, stress relief, injury recovery and improved vitality
  • - Medical Qigong Therapy - Non-invasive exercises, meditations, and energy-field balancing
  • - Cupping, Tuina, and Moxibustion therapy - releases toxins, stress, and imbalances from deep levels 
  • - Acu-laser therapy: Especially to aid in Living Free from Smoking, Alcoholism, promoting sleep and healthy weight
  • - Hypnosis - suitable for a wide range of purposes 
  • - Counseling: for grief, relationships, stress, addictions, etc.
  • - Recovery Coaching - for living free from addiction, alcoholism, and harmful co-dependence (read more here)



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