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Clean and Sober
Recovery Coaching Services
Zander Townend and Associates


  • - Crisis Coaching and Management
  • - Clean and Sober Companion Service
    - Tools and Techniques for developing strong social support systems
  • - Recovery Coaching for Accountability, Education, and Support
  • - Family Coaching for loved ones living with an addict / alcoholic
  • - Relapse Prevention & Advanced Recovery Skills Training and Coaching Program
  • - Recovery Management through strength-based communication, Personal Awareness, and 5 Elemental Processing*

  • Training Courses Offered:
  • - Self-care Skills for Caregivers
  • - Insight Acupressure Method Training
  • - Medical Qigong Therapy: Practitioner, Therapist, Masters level programs
  • - Emotional Mastery Foundations Program - For family members, leaders, executives

  • Referrals:
  1. - Referrals to residential rehabilitation facilities and Recovery houses (Local and National)
    - Referrals to specialized providers (Psychiatrists, Psychotherapists, Psychologists, etc.)
    - Collaborative work with other providers for clients with "Dual Diagnosis" (Mental / Psychological Health), Process Addictions (Sexual, Gambling, Gaming, Self-harm Addiction) and/or Substance Abuse Disorders (Alcohol, Drugs)

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