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I’m Zander Townend.

         It's no secret that addiction affects the addict in awful and destructive ways, BUT what about the families?

         Yes, it affects the addict BUT it also has a devastating grip on ALL family members, as well as EVERYONE in the “circle of love” surrounding the addict.

         Addiction affects employers, friends, schools, and communities. Addiction affects our health, our finances, and all our relationships.

And if you love an addict, you know -- Addiction Affects Everything.

         No matter what your situation is, if you’re struggling with the ravages of addiction – in any form – you’re feeling the loneliness, shame, confusion and fear that are the very hallmarks of addiction.  USE FACE   

         At LoveWithBoundaries, we see people from all over the world, from every level of society, being brought down by this horrific crisis of addiction – we see how it eats away at the fabric of families.

         And while there’s plenty of help available for the drug user / alcoholic / gambler / gamer  (or any other kind of addict) -- such as detoxes, treatment centres, and outpatient counselling -- there has been a staggering lack of quality guidance and skilled help available for the family – and for anyone else in the addict’s “circle of love.”          

         We’re here to change that. 

We want you to know that there is help available now for you too!

Our Survive and Thrive Family Counselling Therapy group, is described right here on this page.

This group is a unique, one-of-a-kind experience especially created for YOU - the loved one of an addict. 

If you are involved with someone who’s struggling with an addiction, we invite you to take the time to look at this information, and see how it can help you find your way to end the pain of addiction, for you and for your family -- forever. 

With addiction, the whole family suffers – not just the addict. Learning how to love, with boundaries is what real help looks like for you and the addict you love.



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